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I believe in good communication and connecting with others. My process ensures that your vision is realised with clarity and in its entirety, from inception to a finished website. If you engage with me, we will create a website you can be happy with.

Below is a selection of some of my more recent web design and development work. All of these projects involved continuous conversations with the client, optimising the website look and feel, as well as making sure functionality is up to scratch. I also offer help in setting up new website hosting and domain registration if needed.

MYND Initiative Inc. are a Sydney-based charity working on the positive promotion of mental health. Their mission is to “break the stigma” associated with mental health and create “communities of understanding” in which to do so.

MYND valued accessibility very highly but also wanted a design that complemented their logo. The warmer green is meant to be slightly more inviting and also has connotations of “fresh” and “healthy”.

The MYND Initiative Inc. website, mostly green, white, clean, and sans-serif fonts.
Hamish Gould's website. It shows a young blonde man standing behind greenery, smiling.

Hamish Gould is an English-born, Melbourne-based countertenor. Having completed his Masters in music performance within the last 5 years, he needs a space to promote his events and concerts.

As an emerging performer, Hamish’s website needs to display his personality and give users a clear impression of who he is and what his voice is like. He wanted to portray a professional image but also convey his kind personality.

Susan Frykberg is a Melbourne-based composer and sound artist. Her work uses modern techniques and electronic processing, but also at times draws strongly from her faith, creating interesting and engaging soundscapes.

Susan identified that she wanted a bright and colourful image, but the clean layout also makes for an easier user experience. She has been inspired by blocky and vibrant colours. In the process of designing her website, I also created an animated logo for her to use.

Susan Frykberg's website. Green and orange with a lot of space.