I am

A woman in her early 20s with dark hair and glasses is smiling at some people in a church. She is holding a bowl of chocolates out to concert viewers.

I love learning. It may seem like I have my fingers in too many pies, but really, it comes down to one passion – learning. I enjoy evolving and growing and becoming a more well-rounded human being.

My first loves were with film and digital media, which has returned to me in recent days in my work with Panoramic Music, my start-up. Having produced marketing material for numerous concerts, performers, and businesses, I find myself becoming more and more fluent in modern editing techniques for digital design and video. While I learnt to edit video back in 2007, it is still a skill I rely on even now.

My second passion is one that has never left me, and if anything, has been present since I was as young as I can remember – music. Having studied Music Composition at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, I was lucky enough to have made an extraordinary amount of connections, from lecturers to colleagues alike. I founded a student festival, which is still running today, was president of the faculty’s society, and was lucky enough to be offered a teaching position during my Honours year, which continued into 2020. The 4 years I spent at Monash University had a big impact and have largely shaped me into the person I am today.

I believe that my third love – web development – grew organically from digital design, and consequently, web design. Having always been technologically savvy, as soon as I came across the need to build my own website, or someone else’s, it was a skill that I was more than happy to learn. While I am predominately self-taught, I undertook a tech boot camp on a scholarship provided by INCO Academy at the end of 2020.

My final joy, and one that has hit me more recently and with great force, is a joy for arts administration. I have been so enamoured with this field of work that my startup, Panoramic Music, has brought together all of my previous experience into one cohesive product, and resulted in a sole-trader business that presents emerging musicians – exactly what I wanted to build all throughout my time at university. I feel so privileged that I can spend so much of my time creating exactly the work that I want to be doing, and that I can draw on all of the skills that I have built up over my lifetime. But ultimately, I am excited at the prospect of learning even more.