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I am a Melbourne-based music theory teacher, web designer and developer, and arts administrator. My University education was in Music Composition and Arts Management, which contributed to the birth of my own one-woman business, Panoramic Music. I have volunteered for organisations such as Chime Choir, MYND Initiative Inc., and the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music as an administrator and technology officer, and have freelanced in composition, music performance, web design and development, film editing and production, composition editing, and graphic design.

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I’m currently the founder and director of Panoramic Music, a passionate arts business presenting emerging musicians in concerts throughout Melbourne.

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I am on the Executive Board for mental health charity MYND Initiative Inc. as their Chief Technology Officer, managing their website and their systems.

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I’m teaching music theory and ear training of all levels. Sometimes with undergraduates at Monash University and also individually through MusoHunt.

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