I offer lessons and tutoring in the following topics and subjects:



Music Theory & Ear Training

VCE Music

See below for further information on each subject. If you know exactly what you want to study, feel free to put in a request. Otherwise, let’s have a chat about your needs.


Piano & Singing Instrumental Lessons

I have taught piano, singing and violin for 7 years now, and have experience teaching children from 5 years old, up to students preparing for VCE, as well as adult learners.

Instrumental lessons are $70 per hour, or $600 pre-paid for 10 hourly lessons.

Music Theory & Ear Training

Lessons and tutoring sessions are available for students looking to take AMEB Theory or Musicianship exams, practical exams, VCE music students, or anyone after general music theory study.

Music Theory and/or Ear Training lessons are $70 per hour, or $600 pre-paid for 10 hourly lessons.

VCE Music Theory & Aural tutoring sessions are $40 per hour, or $350 pre-paid for 10 hourly sessions.

What's the difference?

Why is one cheaper than the other?

The difference in price has do to with the difference between tutoring and teaching. Lessons require that I guide you through a syllabus of my own creation, and the higher price accounts for the work I do during my own time. Tutoring aids you in completing a syllabus that has already been set for you.