Final Semester

And it looks like the most exciting one yet. If all goes well with the unit in Prato, I'll only be doing 2 subjects during semester - which is just as well. I've been thinking lately that maybe I should be collaborating and relying on other people more. I'm sure it's a place I'll be at sometime in the future. For the moment, I can only hope to work as hard as I can.

Spiel over. I'm particularly looking forward to this semester, not just because it's my last one, but because of all of the opportunities that are happening. There's one performance/workshopping event that will be hugely exciting, and will be the highlight of the term. The Music Students' Society at Monash are having elections in August, and I want to run for president. The Annual Composers' Concert is running again this year - very ably, I must add, by composer friends of mine. I'll be writing a larger work for Hamish as part of my degree, but part of that will be debuted at the concert in September (fingers crossed). And I get to organise the Music Students' Society's first ball, which should be a ton of fun. All in all, looking to be a very productive few months.

Oh, and getting married at the end of the year. It's actually probably why I've been in such a good mood all year.