New committee for the MMSS!

I won the president of music, hooray!

So it's almost been 2 weeks since the Monash Music Students' Society election, and the handover to the new committee is close to finished. We're having a double committee get together tonight where EVERYONE is available (unheard of) and our first proper committee meeting on Monday. And I know I'm a massive nerd, but I like meetings. Mainly, I like hearing what everyone's up to - everyone is such a gun and has been working on their own independently, so am really looking forward to details. My team is so strong, you have no idea.

I have a lot of ideas about things I'd like to do with the club, and things I'd like to implement that have been asked for. A camp for all musicians would be something that I'd personally be keen to take on sometime in the future, but the most asked for resource is the musicians community, which would ideally involve...

  • Musicians database for gigs
  • Posting for anyone looking to jam or form a group
  • General conversation
  • A place for employers to post jobs

We'll work as hard as we can and see how we go. Our first hurdle will be the ball, but there's plenty of other things to think about in this semester alone.

How about you? Is there anything new or old you'd like to see implemented in the future?


I have been blessed with many talented people wanting to work with me. At the start of the year, I received some gorgeous poetry from Carolyn Kwok with the request for it to be set to music...

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Final Semester

And it looks like the most exciting one yet. If all goes well with unit in Prato, I'll only be doing 2 subjects during semester - which is just as well. I've been thinking lately that maybe I should be collaborating and relying on other people more. I'm sure it's a place I'll be somewhere in the future. For the moment, I can only hope to work as hard as I can.

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